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Senior Bible Seminar: Christian World View  

Christian Theistic Issues Papers: Topics and Guidelines
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Christianity is all about believing with your heart, not your head. Faith means not having to prove or show evidence for things; you just have to trust God.


There are many roads to truth. If you are sincere and good God will save you, because Jesus’ death was for all people.


Sometimes knowing what’s right and what’s wrong depends on the circumstances you find yourself in. It would be OK to lie, cheat, or steal in some cases.


Isn’t it inconsistent to be pro-life and to believe in the death penalty or war? 


The concept of the Trinity is not found in the Bible. It was developed later by the early Church based on neo-Platonic ideas.


Man is basically good. What we call “sin” is really social maladjustment caused by the pressures of living together in society.


Suppose scientists developed a pill that was 100% effective as a contraceptive, and also served to prevent every form of sexually transmitted disease—wouldn’t premarital sex now be alright? 


No one these days can seriously believe in the existence of a real devil and real demons. The pointy-eared figure in red with the horns, tail, and pitchfork is merely an outdated manifestation of mankind’s ancient fears and superstitions.


That Jesus was a good man, and a great moral teacher cannot be denied—but he never claimed to be God. That was a later invention by Emperor Constantine who determined the character of Christianity.


The Bible is a classic work of man’s religious experience and imagination. It contains a marvelous collection of myths, legends, and religious wisdom produced down through the years in the Jewish tradition. As such, to claim that it is inspired by God or infallible is absurd.


Church is the proper place to talk about God. Serious talk about God and religion is really out of place at work, at school, in politics, etc. At best it is misplaced; at worst rude.


How primitive and barbaric; to see the death of Jesus as some sort of atoning sacrifice needed to appease God! The real purpose behind the tragedy of Jesus’ death lies in the beautiful example of self-sacrifice and humility he provided for us to follow in our own lives.


It is too simplistic to believe that salvation from hell comes merely by trusting in Jesus; this is “cheap grace.” God wants us to do our best to live by the moral laws He has given us and according to Christ’s example. That is our part of salvation. God knows that we can’t live up to His perfect standard, so He meets us half-way by making up for what we cannot do. That is God’s part of salvation.


We shouldn’t be overly concerned with trying to prove the historical reliability of the N.T. texts. After all, much of the N.T. was written or compiled by men living long after the actual events recorded. The oral tradition they depended on undoubtedly changed in the telling and retelling. Besides, the authors of the N.T. were primarily interested in promoting Jesus Christ as Savior, not recounting history as it really was.


For a Christian it is morally wrong to listen to heavy-metal or rap music, watch an R-rated movie or expose himself to vulgarity and crudeness?


As a Christian should I be doing something to end poverty and hunger in the world?  Didn’t Jesus say “the poor you will have always have with you?”


If the majority of society chooses to support something I consider to be morally wrong (like abortion), what can I possibly do or should I even do anything?


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