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Freshman History Research Paper  

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Freshman Research Paper Print Page


Each freshman at Oaks will take one important event in history and through rersearch and a 4-5 page typed paper become an authority of both that event and the era in which the event occurred. 

The student must respond to each of the follwing in his/her research, thinking, and writing:

1.  What are the causes, the full facts, and the historical interpretations of the person/event?

2.  What were the immediate effects of this person/event, and what are the effects in subsequent years and the present?



Content Sources:  Minimum of five ( All numbers are minimums)

Primary Source: 1 (may include documents in a secondary source)

Secondary Sources: 4
Old Fashioned Books: 2 (at least one is a book you can bring to class);
Reference Volumes: 1 (From Oaks Library Reference Section);
Non-print Source: 1 (Wikipedia may not be used as a source)


Paper Content Requirements

Source for information of the research paper: Pocket Style Manual (PSM)

1.  4 full pages (minimum)
2.  4-6 direct quotes
3.  Text citation of sources (PSM 127-134)
4.  Works Cited (PSM 135-147, 150)
5.  One illustration (use 1.5 x1.5 as a guide)


Style requirements

1.  Double space
2.  One-inch margins
3.  Indented paragraph style
4.  Font size: 12 point
5.  Font style: Times New Roman
6.  Black ink


Intermediate Deadlines

Date       Cycle 6 class 5:  Topic selection

Date       Friday 10/22/2010 E day business lunch (due 1:30 pm):  Preliminary Thesis AND List of Works to be Consulted/Works Cited page (Follw MLA style found in PSM)

Date        Cycle 10 Class 2:  Full intro + outline w/ revised thesis & works cited

Date         Cycle 11 class 4:  First Draft Due (See Rough Draft below)

Date         Cycle 13 class 1: final draft due



Preliminary Thesis/List of Works to be Consulted/Cited      15 points

Intro+Outline with Revised Thesis and Works Cited            25 points

First Draft with In-Text Citations and Works Cited page      35 points

Final Draft                                                                                    125 points


Preliminary Thesis and Works Cited List

This is a one sentence thesis statement which you may change in the future, but it will give you a sense of purpose or direction for your paper as you begin the research process.  The Works Cited list is a preliminary list of resources you might include in your paper; therefore you should have more sources listed on this sheet than you plan on using.  Cast a wide net and list as many sources as possible.  Then, as you read them you will decide whether or not you want to use them and include them in the final version.  This is not the assignment to just meet the minimum requirements.  Follow all MLA guidelines.  Type your thesis sentence at the end of your works cited list. 


Full intro + Outline and Revised thesis/works cited

Using proper MLA formatting, type out your entire introductory paragraph; include your revised thesis statement as the last sentence of this paragraph.  This assignment should include a working title beyond just the name of the assignment or topic.  Be creative.  Underneath your intro, using Roman numeral styling, type an outline of your body paragraphs and conclusion.  Be sure to include citations for sources you will be using.  Claims and evidence are the focus here, not commentary or explanations.  Do not use full sentences.  The final page of your outline should be a properly formatted and updated works cited list. 


First Draft

Turn in the best paper possible!  It does not say "rough"-we don't want you turning in a piece of work with half the effort.  It should be full length: 4-5 pages long with 4-6 direct quotes.  Come up with a catchy title.  Don't say "Research assignment #9 or "Pyramids".  Think outside the box! Consider this "the paper", but you will revise it for the final draft.  You also need to attach your original outline and works cited.  Do not turn in your paper in a folder of any type.  The paper is to be stapled in the left-hand corner. 

Checklist before you turn in the rough draft:

  • Correct heading
  • Catchy Title (PSM 149)
  • Headers-Last name & page # (Top right-hand corner)
  • Double space EVERYTHING
  • One-inch margins
  • Indented paragraph style
  • Font size: 12 point
  • Font style: Times New Roman
  • Black Ink
  • One illustration (use 1.5x1.5 as a guide)
  • 4-6 direct quotes
  • Works Cited with at least five sources
  • Outline

Research Topics

1.  Old Babylonian Empire/Code of Hammurabi
2.  Hittites
3.  Phoenicians
4.  Minoans
5.  Mycenaeans
6.  Greek "Dark Ages"/Dorians
7.  Homer/Iliad and the Odyssey
8.  Greek Mythology/Religion
9.  Olympic Games (origin, purpose, and changes of the ancient Olympics)
10.  Archaic Age of Greece
11.  Greek Drama, Theatre/Dionysus
12.  Athenian Democracy
13.  Greek Society
14.  Spartan Government and military
15.  Persian Wars-Battle of Marathon
16.  Persian Wars-Battle of Thermopylae (The real 300)
17.  Persian Wars-Battle of Salamis
18.  Assyrian Empire
19.  Persian Empire-Cyrus
20.  Persian Empire-Darius
21.  Persian Empire-Xerxes
22.  Peloponnesian War/Pericles
23.  Greek Philosophy/Socrates
24.  Greek Philosophy/Plato
25.  Golden Age of Greece
26.  Philip of Macedonia
27.  Alexander the Great-Conquest
28.  Hellenistic Age
29.  Greek Philosophy/Aristotle
30.  Maccabees
31.  Roman Republic
32.  Roman Society
33.  Punic Wars/Hannibal
34.  Julius Caesar and the Triumvirate
35.  Roman Gladiators/Spartacus
36.  Pax Romana
37.  Roman Military
38.  Roman Empire-Gaul
39.  Roman Empire-Egypt
40.  Jews in the Roman World


Final Draft

Make all necessary corrections.  If you have questions on your paper, don't wait until the last minute to seek out your teacher.  Your final paper should be stapled and inserted into one side of a folder with sleeves (not a binder).  In the other sleeve, include the original copies of all the old research assignments (first draft, outline, preliminary thesis/works cited)

Checklist before you turn in the final draft:

  • Correct heading
  • Catchy Title
  • Headers-Last name & page # (Top right-hand corner)
  • Double space EVERYTHING
  • One-inch margins
  • Indented paragraph style
  • Font size: 12 point
  • Font style: Times New Roman
  • Black Ink
  • One illustration (1.5 x1.5 as a guide)
  • 4-6 direct quotes
  • In-text citations
  • Works-cited with at least five sources
  • Original assignments-preliminary thesis/works cited, outline, rough draft

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