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The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark  

AP Literature/ Mr. Zirretta
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The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

 AP Literature / Mr. Zirretta

 Points              Quantity            Characters                                                                                 23 

1.   (1.5)                (6)                         The Ghost

2.   (5.5)                (14)                       Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

3.   (2)                   (5)                         Gertrude, Queen of Denmark

4.   (4)                   (11)                       Claudius, King of Denmark

5.   (2)                   (6)                         Ophelia

6.   (2)                   (5)                         Polonius

7.   (2)                   (6)                         Fortinbras, Prince of Norway

8.   (2)                   (6)                         Laertes

9.   (2)                   (5)                         Horatio

Commentary                            Themes / Genres / Essay Questions                                          47                  

10.  (1.5) Tragedy Format: 5 Act Model (briefly comment of each portion of the 5 acts).

11.  (1.5) Hamlet’s anthropology? Anthropology deals with the origin, nature, and destiny of man. (6 sentences)

12.  (4)  10 Allusions (5 Bible and 5 Greek) How does each allusion add meaning to the play or highlight a theme?

13.  (2)   Madness: What is the play’s definition of madness? Compare and contrast Ophelia (6 sentences) 

14.  (2)  Feminism (what concerns/problems might a female have with the play's two women and their situations?)

15.  (3)  Hamlet’s soteriology—pick three characters above and define their soteriological beliefs and detail HOW         their beliefs affected their actions.             

16.  (3)  8 Soliloquies (6 sentences or more on each soliloquy)

17.  (2 )  Cause and effect. Detail the very source, the root, of the play's evil, and then describe how evil proliferates          and permeates the entire kingdom. Please note images of decay and rot in your response.

18.  (4)  Expound upon two of the play's most important teleological themes: being remembered, exacting justice, obtaining  power, being loved.

19.  (3)  Hamlet’s epistemology? How do characters discern motives, madness, afterlife, spirits, deaths, guilt.

20.  (3)  Appearance vs. Reality.  Prove that the tragedy exposes man's hypocritical nature--his seemingly healthy exterior concealing his inner sickness and/or corruption.

21.  (2)  Note 4 scenes of Espionage. What do you think Shakespeare thought about spying?  

22.  (2)  Claim: Using the Library’s webpage,, type out a paragraph that you agree with from an article, journal, or reference.

23.  (4)  Analysis:  In 6 sentences explain why you concur with the claim and expound on the value of the scholarly claim.

24.  (4)  Citation: Construct a "Works Cited" page for your article and the drama, Hamlet.    

25.  (6)  Use 12 or more of the 160 vocabulary words in your responses to questions 10-21. Each word must be used correctly and within the flow of the sentence to receive a point. One word per sentence. Use no more than 3 words per number; for example, you may only use 3 vocabulary words in your Feminism analysis, # 21. Use a highlighter to highlight all 12 words and then list them in the order used on your works cited page after your entry on the page.


 70 points                                                                                                                                                                  70

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